Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yvonne has a cold.

Me, the last three days.

So Sunday night, I was ready to be all hardcore, and then all of a sudden, I got all the makings of a cold: little sore throat, sniffling nose, that achy body feeling, and I am like uh-oh, I gotta get to bed. But I slept like crap and Monday morning I woke up at some crazy hour and end up in my pajamas for half the day.

Tuesday will be better, I told myself. But it all just repeated itself. Yucky I-am-about-to-get-sick feeling, bad sleep, woke up late. I changed my clothes only because I knew my super was coming to fix my tub which doesn't drain too well. (He didn't end up coming until today. I opened the door in my pajamas).
Still, not feeling my best, not feeling very productive, though I guess I have been. Emailing lots of people about jobs, looking on job web sites for most of the day. I had forgotten what it like looking for a job, one, because I haven't done this in a while and two, the last few jobs I got were of the "Oh, here's a good job for you..." variety and did not involve spending hours in front of a computer. So I haven't done this since I graduated college and was looking for my first job.

In some ways, it is kind of fun. I am smarter about it now. I know things I didn't know then. But sometimes I feel annoyed because all seems like all my energy is going into one big void. But then I have to remind myself that the reasons why people aren't getting back to me right away is because they aren't sitting around in their pjs like me--they actually have jobs. And I can't really be discouraged yet. It is day three.

I am getting a little stir crazy in this apartment, however, so yesterday I took a walk across the street to Starbucks to spend some time reading the new Lucky magazine and sip some coffee. Only I found myself in the huge table for handicapped people (the only one left in the packed coffeehouse), felt a little guilty about it, and then I spent the rest of the time looking at the pretty pictures and blowing my nose every two minutes in those rough brown Starbucks napkins. That was no fun.

Today I made it all the way to the gym. My first workout in months, and I kept it light and easy since I don't feel my best and I don't want to admit how out of shape I really am--yet.

All my energies for the last few days have gone into finding my marketing job, but I know I have to be careful not to forget about the reason why I am going freelance and make an effort to focus on the writing as well. It's just so much easier to do the marketing since it's comfortable to me and the writing is feeling a little scary right now.

Dan unpacked the records yesterday.

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Squeen said...

Can we get a shot with all three shelves of records in full effect?