Monday, January 21, 2008

The weekend recovery.

Dan, shopping for dining sets.

So I gave myself one day to wallow in bed in self-pity. And I could have done it again the next day and maybe even the next, but I had plans. The depression did not go away, but plans means that I am forced to get out of bed and think about something else besides the fragile state of my life right now. I look at my apartment, with the red couch I no longer like, the piles of papers on the floor, the clutter of frames and knick knacks on the desk, and I feel like I am looking at a reflection of my inner self. Everything is out of order and I have no idea where anything goes. And the motivation to put everything in its place is low. Very low.

But luckily it was a weekend, and a three-day weekend due to Martin Luther King Day, and so I couldn't just sulk. I had Dan around to smile at me from across the room when I was lost in my thoughts or squeeze my hand when I dragged my feet as we walked. I also made plans with friends to distract me and get me out of my funk.

Top five moments of the weekend:
1. On Friday, Brian and I ended up at a Brandy's piano bar where we sang along to cheesy songs surrounded an audience of possibly some of the weirdest people in New York City. There was the guy with the long hair singing "Son of a Preacher Man" into his fist, the woman wearing the fur coat who was trying to convince me to sell ads for her motorcycle magazine, the yuppie in a suit who almost got kicked out, the Asian woman sitting alone and clapping offbeat. I loved this place. I will be back--most likely with my brother and sister in tow.

Brian at Brandy's Piano Bar.

2. Saturday, I headed down to Princeton to visit my stepfather's niece, Liz. Liz and her fiance Julian have invited me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding, and so I went down there for a dress fitting and to have some lunch. I was dying to take a picture of myself in this dress for the Ham, but in respect of the bride, who wants to keep some things a surprise, I did no such thing. However, I did find out my measurements and wow, not cool.

Me and Liz.

3. Sunday, seeing Brett Jackson, and his reminding me of the importance of putting time and effort into my work--not the marketing work, but the work that fulfills me. Why do I keep forgetting about that?

4. Monday, attending the Benjamin Franklin exhibit at the Grolier Club. We went to see Ben's work as a printer, including original copies of the documents and books that he printed. BF is a pretty inspiring man and just the kind of people I need to be surrounding myself with. People who get past the fears and get stuff done.

5. Baking snickerdoodle cookies. Because cookies always makes things better.

Start it up.


Annette said...

Dude, I was gonna comment on the cool bar you went to with all the weird people, but SNICKERDOODLES! You KNOW how I feel about snickerdoodles!

Squeen said...

Does our mixer have a starter cord, like a small lawnmower??

Brash Lion said...

Grrrrr! Power through the lows, girl! I feel ya, I feeeeel ya. And yes, snickerdoodles, but SHOPPING for furniture! That would lift my spirits in an instant.