Saturday, February 27, 2010

I've got cabin fever

We've been getting a lot of snow here on the East Coast this winter. It feels like every other week, we get dumped with a foot of snow. Just when it starts to clear up, it snows again.

It's not so bad living in New York City when there's a snowstorm. Besides for Central Park, the snow never seems to stick all that much. There are so many cars on the road, so people walking the streets and so many store fronts that do a good job of quickly clearing the snow off the sidewalks so the snow doesn't stand a chance here. Sometimes, the only way you can tell that there was a lot of snow is to look at the foot-high snow drifts on top of the parked cars.

Although the subways and buses run slow, they still run. You can still walk everywhere. A good pair of winter boots is absolutely essential if you plan to trek the streets during a snowstorm. Not really because of the snow itself but as protection from the dreaded slush puddles that form on the sidewalk edges. You have to be really careful. Some seemingly shallow puddles are really quite deep and there is nothing worse than watching someone (or finding yourself) with a foot ankle deep in a freezing cold ice bath. It happens to every single New Yorker one time or another. And yes, it's pretty much the most awful thing ever. (This phenomenon happens after heavy rain too but it's even more intensely horrible when there's snow involved). Most of us have learned our lesson by wearing proper boots but sometimes you aren't prepared so you have no choice but to hop, jump and leap over these puddles and just hope you land in a dry place.

By the time the snowfall ends, the snow lingers for a few days in piles in the corners of streets and sidewalks but it turns gray and dirty fast, disappearing in a matter of days. It's such a different experience from snow in the suburbs. I could visit my mom's house in New Jersey weeks after a snowfall and the snow on her lawn is still white and pristine as if it had just happened.

After a week of bad weather, I feel some cabin fever. Despite the city's functionality during a snow storm, it's the same as the suburbs. No one wants to leave their home if they don't have to. Any plan I had made to meet up with friends this was canceled. And even though I was getting a little stir crazy, I didn't want to leave my warm apartment either.

I finally put my boots on and dragged myself to the movie theater to see one of my Oscar movies when I came across this guy.

He's cute, but I am ready for springtime.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Every year, I win the Oscar pool and part of my strategy is watching all the best picture nominees. This year, the Oscar people have decided to make things "interesting" by having 10 best picture nominees instead of 5, which means a whole lot of movie watching for me the last few weeks. (Consider the fact that I had only seen one of the movies when the nominees were announced--yikes!)

"You're not going to see all those movies, are you?" Dan said. Um....yes I am! That's just what I do.

With two weeks to go, I have seen 6 of the 10 movies with plans to view all 10 by March 7. I am definitely getting my money's worth from my Netflix this month. Dan might be a stronger competitor this year since he has seen many of the films with me. (He's just DYING to beat me, just once!)

Out of all the movies we have seen so far, both Dan and I were completely smitten by UP, which is a beautiful movie about love and loss and following your dreams and letting go. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

Is it best picture worthy? You think I am going to tell you? Sorry, Charlie. (Or should I say, Sorry, Dan). I can't give away my secrets to Oscar pool domination.

Just go see it because it's good!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Update

Dan and I skyped with the Jacksons in Geneva over the weekend. So what have you been up to lately? they asked. Nothing.

We haven't spoken to them in months and we couldn't think of anything that has happened. It felt rather lame. Have we really been doing nothing? Impossible. It feels like it's been a lot of snow and snuggling and movies (or lately, the winter Olympics). Nothing much to report.

My freelance assignment ended last week. I was really bummed to leave. In four weeks, I had grown to like working there. Everyone was so nice in my send-off, giving me well wishes and I even got a thank you card. That means I am back in the job hunting mode, an all too familiar place, and I am just so, so tired of looking for a job. I feel more optimistic this time around, but I feel like this job hunting thing is like running a marathon and I am at mile 18 and it feels like there's still a long ways to go and it's never going to end.

I have been at the gym a lot. Five to six days a week--more often six--putting in my time. I am getting stronger and my pants are getting looser. I haven't changed my diet that much except that I cut out sweets and alcohol except for weekends, in moderation. I was reading or watching something about Michael Pollan talking about eating better and about indulging only on days that start with S. That's been working for me. And some times I break that rule too.

Valentine's Day, Dan and I were planning a quiet meal at home, but at the last minute decided to cross off something on our 100-things-to-do-list and head down to Curry Hill for some Indian food. We had a really nice meal with the exception of the man sitting next to us who spent an hour talking about himself to his dinner companions. We were definitely bored, so I can't imagine how they felt.

Heather had a birthday party on Saturday and so a bunch of girls landed at Alice's Tea Cup, where we enjoyed a wonderful selection of teas, scones, cakes, finger sandwiches. (It was a Saturday). If you are ever wondering where the women are in NYC, you can find them all at Alice's Tea Cup. Heather, who just gave birth three months ago, looks amazing and we all couldn't stop talking about her gorgeous mom boobs.

Me with the birthday girl.

Other than that, it's been a load of wedding planning which no one really wants to hear about, unless you are planning a wedding yourself or are the mother of the bride/groom. Just three months away....we're getting terribly excited. Dan was a little nervous about the Saints winning the Superbowl that maybe the city would burn down in all the excitement. But it seems like it's still there, in one piece, ready for us and our celebration.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy thoughts

I know that I have been a bit--how shall we say--missing in action. I don't think I have even snapped a photo of myself in 2010. So perhaps it's possible that I don't even exist anymore.

Thankfully this is not the case.

Because in the last three weeks, aka from the moment I started my new job, I have experienced a rebirth of sorts. I feel like I have crawled from under the little rock I have been hiding for months and rejoined the rest of the world. I am greatly appreciative of things that I used to take for granted: a 9-to-5 work schedule, taking a lunch break, enjoying a long weekend, even doing marketing work. My job has coincided with my new workout/health regimen, and for me, stretching on my yoga mat or running in the park is the best antidepressant. I feel content.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like things are perfect now. I am more than half way done with my freelance assignment, with nothing lined up afterward, and so another stretch of job hunting awaits. My stomach flip flops when I look at my bank statement. I have anxiety. For some reason this time, I have a lot of optimism that it will all work out. I have been interviewing fairly consistently and something has just got to happen. I am ready to work. I am ready for my life to go back to place. I just want to feel like me again.

I haven't been writing lately because I was stuck under that rock, and it was hard to articulate. Or really, I didn't want to articulate. Lately, I have been feeling shy about exposing myself so publicly. But now that I am starting to feel a kind of quiet joy in my day to day, I thought I would share it with you. That's something I want to write about. Be patient with me as I regain my footing.