Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Some people gave me a lot of flack for eating so many cakes on my European trip. But I swear, I eat worse when I am in America. Especially when I am working. There's the M&M's in the vending machine. The brownies and cookies in the cafeteria. And then the random office treats--which I never can resist. Today, one of the Chicago sales reps sent Amanda some delicious Garrett popcorn in three flavors--salty, cheesy and caramel. The mixture of the three is heavenly. At one point, I had all three flavors PLUS some M&M's in my mouth. Wow.

The tin sat right next to my desk. Bad placement.

The amount of handfuls I ate defeated all earnest efforts at the gym this morning. I once was able to run 26 miles, and this morning I was dying after 15 minutes on the treadmill.

"Yeah, I am out of shape, too," Dani tells me, "Did I tell you I am running a half marathon at the end of the month?"

I think she and I have different concepts of what it means to be out of shape.

We all eat popcorn.

By the way, it is not my intention to take pictures at work everyday. Hello, I'm a professional! I have a reputation to protect. But these girls are Ham fans and they're dying to have their picture in the blog. I get that. (I mean, isn't it everyone's secret fantasy to be mentioned on here, nowadays?)

I almost took pictures of the Polish food they offered in the cafeteria today (I swear! There were pierogies and beet salad and chicken with mushrooms, right there at the buffet) but I thought it was crossing the line. I am looking for freelance work here and I don't want to be known around the building as the girl who is taking kielbasi shots, you know?

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