Thursday, January 24, 2008

The War of Art: A Status

So I finished "The War of Art" yesterday. Really easy, inspriring read: 165 pages of short essays. Here is what I learned.

When it comes to my art (that being writing), I am an amateur. And I think that is no real surprise to anyone. I don't write everyday. I spend more time lamenting when I am going to write, how am I going to write, what am I going to write then just sitting down and actually writing.

The reason why I do that, according to this book, is resistance. It's the same reason why people don't start diets until tomorrow, why people don't go back to school when they know that they should, why people don't do the things they say that they want to do but for some reason feel like they just can't at this moment.

When you beat the resistance, and beating the resistance is an everyday struggle, then you can begin to work and then you can be professional--which just means that you take your creative work as seriously as you would your "real" work. You get up, you put in your time, and you get things done. And once that happens, once you beat the resistance and put in your time, then that is when things happen.

I want things to happen. I want to be professional.


I'm terrible. Steven Pressfield wrote this book for schmoes like me.

I have not beaten resistance today, and while I was a productive job hunter this morning (which does require some resistance beating as well--but that is because I am motivated by my empty wallet rather than a greater creative calling), I also engaged in some online shopping with an gift certificate I got pre-unemployment.

I got the Martha Stewart Baking Handbook, which my mom owns and I love. I saw it at the bookstore the other day and almost picked it up but it was $40 at the store and much cheaper online. I want to make everything in there.

Since I cannot afford my beloved weekly yoga classes right now, I picked up Rodney Yee's Power Yoga DVD which for nine bucks, I can turn my apartment into a yoga studio (I have the space to do it now!).

I have been wanting to increase my flexibility. I used to be flexible as a child because I took dance lessons, but my post-marathon body is as stiff as a board--really, the reason why I do yoga in the first place. I tried to do a split the other day and I might as well been kneeling with one of my legs sticking in front. It was pathetic and it hurt! I am wondering if this New York City Ballet Workout will help get me back to splits shape.


Brash Lion said...

For all intents and purposes, writing in a blog is writing. So give yourself a leeeetle credit. ;)

And the NYC ballet workout? I love it! I used to do it everyday in San Diego (waaay back when) and I remember becoming a little more agile. Of course, I also was running a lot in those days. Ah, San Diego. To run in the morning in January.

Squeen said...

In-home yoga studio! Yes!