Sunday, May 20, 2012

What, what?


In anticipation of our couch being delivered (soon! I hope!), I cleaned up the living room.

Mind you some of the boxes ended up being transported to the second bedroom, but I also unpacked a bunch of things.

It feels strange and echo-ey in the room now, but psychologically feels so much better to not walk into a house filled with boxes.

We still have no kitchen table either so we've been taking all of our meals outside. Poor us.

I am really excited about our new outdoor mat...

...and our colorful dinnerware.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mornings

Let me share with you how I have been spending my mornings lately. Monday through Friday, I have been taking a boot camp workout class.

 I get there nice and early.

It is dark when the class starts, but since we're nearing the summer solstice, the sun comes up almost right away.

Three days a week, we work out on the grass near the rose garden in Palisades Park.

This is our track. We run around that thing as a warm-up.

This is our view.

At the rose garden, we lift weights, do squats and lunges, agility drills and the like. On Tuesdays, we go down to the actual beach and run in the sand. ("running" is a loose term here). On Thursdays, we run up big hills and climb steep staircases. Every class is different. I really like my instructor. He knows what he's doing, he kind of looks like Tom Cruise and he listens to heavy metal. You can't go wrong with that.

This has been my favorite part of California so far. I LOVE BOOT CAMP.

It's almost sad because when I am done with my workout at 6:30 am, I know the best part of my day is already over.

I have one more week to go out of my 4-week class, but I think I might sign up for another round.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Our living room three weeks ago.

Our living room one hour ago.
 For the amount of time and effort we have been spending to get our home in order (every second of the last three weekends), it sure doesn't look like we've accomplished much of anything.  We've been here for one month, and it's still a disaster zone. At least we got internet/cable connection today. But alas, no television yet to enjoy half of those benefits.

Our living room after I cleaned it (aka pushed all the boxes to one side).

We're having our very first visitors this weekend. Our friends Brad and Holly are in town, and they are staying with us for two nights. Don't worry, we picked up an  air mattress so they don't have to sleep on the floor (or in a box).

I made these to distract them from the fact that there is no place for them to sit.

Oh, wait! There is one place.

No kitchen table, no TV, no dressers to put away our clothes or anything like that. Just some outdoor furniture. Yeah, we've got our priorities in place.