Thursday, January 10, 2008

Everyone knows I have a cold.

Dude, everyone I talked or emailed today had one thing to say to me, "How are you feeling?" or "How is your cold?"

Are you people still reading this thing? I just assumed that when I got home, my readers would kind of drift away, but today it was a stunning reality. You are all there. Reading. Waiting for me to do something fun. Or get a job or something.

Holy crap.

Alright, so maybe I should stop putting horrible pictures of myself with eye styes and in workout clothes on this thing because you people are very attentive. Even my friend Katie, who was thrilled that I mentioned her in my post the other day (and here I am mentioning her once again) writes me an email, "Saw that lovely picture of you. We'll discuss tomorrow." As if I crossed the line or something. We discussed it yesterday over dinner. Consensus is that I am a true artist, willing to put myself out there--the good and the bad--for my art. Ah, the sacrifices I make for you all.

Day four of the job search. And I am putting away cds. And measuring my apartment for pending Ikea madness this weekend. And going to The Container Store to buy a garbage can for the bathroom. And calling my mom. And then I go and "network" with Anjali, over grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries at lunch. She too has done the whole drop her life for a trip thing and knows exactly how I feel right now.

"Aren't you depressed to be back?" Finally, someone who truly gets it.

She says it gets better. I believe her. It already has gotten better.

Anjali, having been in my unemployed situation before, suggests that I have a schedule for myself. Wake up early. Go to the gym. Job search for a few hours. And then spend the afternoon doing the things I wish I had time to do when I had a job: go see a movie, see an exhibit, bake some cookies, work on my writing, whatever. Because soon these days will be gone and I will be wishing that I spent some of my time off, having, well, time off.

It sounded like the best plan I have ever heard. I left that lunch feeling invigorated once again. The schedule begins tomorrow. Exactly like she said.

(By the way, no pictures this post. I keep forgetting to take pictures. It seemed so natural in Europe. In New York, in my normal life, I just feel like a freak. But I will be a freak for the hamsters. The pictures will return.)


Brash Lion said...

Let your freak-flag fly!! Hang out with Brett Jackson more if you need picture-taking in NYC ALL THE TIME lessons. :)

Squeen said...

Great comment. Hi Brash Lion!

Kasia said...

Duzo zdowia, udanych poszukiwan pracy. Napewno gdzies na ciebie czeka