Thursday, January 3, 2008

The evolution.

Day one: The Living Room. Dark and gloomy.

Day Two: The Living Room. Light and messy.

Day Three: The Living Room. Lots of work still , but livable.

The kitchen.

The masterful closet organization.

Dan requested I write about his self-made tie hangers. Is this blog called Everyday Ham or Everyday Dan?


Emily said...

GOO-OOOD looking closets!

Squeen said...

What, perhaps, the devotees of "Everyday Dan" can't discern, is that that the bar at the tie-end of the closet isn't deep enough for a full-sized hanger (because of a pillar in the corner of the closet). So, in order to put any hangers there, I had to eliminate the hangers' "arms." Perfect for storing ties, especially with a little bit of the hanger arm still in place to provide a counterbalance. Brilliant!

Annette said...

You should get a patent on that idea! And personally, I like the name "Everyday Dan the Man" myself!