Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's over.

Duane Reade is like an abusive boyfriend that I keep going back to.

I keep thinking that this time it's different. This time he's changed, but you know what? He never does. It's the same old bullshit.

I already vowed never to go back, but then we move to the new hood and there is one right across the street. Like I can see Duane when I look outside my window. And he speaks to me: "ah, aren't i convenient."

And so I went back slowly. Popping in to buy some candy (in the old days). Or a package of cookies (again, in the old days). Accompanied Dan to purchase tooth paste (he refuses to use my Crest because he says it tastes horrible, which it does, but I refuse to throw it away and be wasteful.)

And so when I asked my doctor friend to call in a prescription for me because I am still working out my health insurance and can't plunk the change to go to the doctor, I reluctantly gave her the number for Duane.

I went in Sunday to pick it up. Pharmacy closed already and the place isn't even 24 hours. Convenient it is not. So I went again today and they told me my doctor did not call it in. Which is a complete lie. And then they gave me their phone number--which is the same number I had.

So that's when I decided. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I am through with you, Duane Reade! And I am not eating candy and cookies anymore so you're completely worthless to me. Go shove it with your horrible pharmacy and your constant long-ass check out line no matter what time of day it is. I'm done.

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