Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Give me liberty or give me cake!

The Chrysler Building.

Ever since I got back from my trip, Dan has been using the following phrase:

“In America, we don’t ______.”

This statement is usually in response to something I have done that he doesn’t like.

Like, “In America, we don’t yell in the house.” (Sometimes I yell in the house).

“In America, we don’t steal covers.” (Which, I totally don’t! Ever since I came back, Dan and I are having trouble sleeping together because he's always sleeping in the middle of the bed and then blames it on me with this stealing covers crap. How can I be stealing covers if he is half way on my side anyway?)

Yesterday, after a rather irritating day at work, I came home with two cupcakes from Buttercup Bake Shop. That's twice in one week.
Dan came home and look a look at the tell-tale paper bag and shook his head.

After we both ate our cupcakes, he turns to me and says,
“In America, we don’t eat cupcakes everyday.”

“What?” I moaned. “What about cookies?”

“No cookies either.”

I thought about asking about ice cream and regular cake but I didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“You said you were eating healthy now and on the first day, you had a bad day so you bought cupcakes,” Dan said.

“I did eat healthy today!” I said. I had a salad for lunch and chicken for dinner and no bad snacks.

“In America, we don’t eat cupcakes everyday.”

“Well, you know what then? I don’t want to live in America then!”

And then after all that, that rascal Dan ate some candy. I didn't. Because I'm healthy.

Here's my attempt to take a picture of myself in the snow.

Didn't work. So I took this picture to prove there was snow.

Major snow-related traffic outside my window.


Anonymous said...

Love the headline :) Creative!!

Brash Lion said...

You call that SNOW??? (Lookit me, I'm here bragging about my NYCness and then I brag to you people about how I'm a Minnesotan. I gotta decide where my loyalties lie [NY]). But seriously, WHAT SNOW???