Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yellow Gloves

In the same spirit as the polar bear pants, I have worn my favorite yellow cashmere gloves until they grew holes. I tried to ignore them, even when my fingers would fall out of the holes, or how every time I put on my gloves, they would get bigger.

Finally Dan saw that I was wearing these holey gloves and told me I looked like a homeless person.

I wore them a few more times and decided this morning that I should retire them even though they are the best gloves I have ever owned--both in comfort, softness and yellowness.
I pulled on some new-old gloves today--these grey numbers I bought a few years ago and never wore reguarly (they lack the comfort, softness or yellowness). And I decided that these were the gloves I would now wear with the yellow cashmere scarf which is still in peak condition.

But then I dropped one on the bus, and I figured it out as the bus was pulling away. And that was the end of the grey numbers. I threw the other in the trash can.
I am tempted to go back to homeless yellow once again. Can someone send me a paycheck already so I can buy myself some respectable hand coverings?

How can something that feels so right be so wrong?


Anonymous said...

This seems to be a typical American consumerist approach (no offense), but I am sure your mom would have the same suggestion - okay I had to look the word up in a dictionary but we don't you darn them with some yellow thread?
That's what I did with my favorite but holey blue cashmer sweater - works fine!


Yvonne said...

Is it bad that I also had to look up "darn" in the dictionary, too? Does anyone know how to darn? Does anyone have bright yellow thread?

Anonymous said...

Sure - I'll be happy to show you how to mend knitted stuff when I come to N.Y. in July - but surely there must be someone else you know who can help you through the winter.....