Monday, March 24, 2008

March Crummy-ness

FUN: My old high-school friend Chris came to visit me this weekend.
Chris brings me a bag of Easter-themed cookies. Her mom makes the most delicious cookies that everyone in my childhood would go crazy over--especially me. I haven't had one in years. It was so nice that she thought to bring some, but I couldn't eat one or I wouldn't be able to eat any desserts at my mom's house at Easter. That bummed me out--big time. (Dan ate one and claimed they weren't that good. He knows nothing. Then he ate another.)

FUN: Chris and I dine at the the festive Beyoglu
restaurant where we ate very yummy Mediterrean food.
NOT FUN: ...which would have tasted much more yummier with a glass of wine.

FUN: Dan and I went to NJ on Saturday where my mom made freshly baked brownies (the best!) and had ice cream on hand.

NOT FUN: I watched Dan eat it while I cried on the inside.

FUN: Easter brunch with the family. After eating Polish Ham galore, I finally ate my brownie and ice cream treat of the week and man, it was excellent.
NOT FUN: I wanted another one, but instead watched Dan take seconds, third, fourths...until he experienced shoulder pain.

FUN: Yesterday at work we had a going-away party for a co-worker.

NOT FUN: Buttercup cupcakes. Are these people trying to kill me?

No, I don't spend every minute of my day thinking about food, but this week-end was particularly hard. If it makes anything better, I am number one in both of Basketball March Madness pools.

Last week of March--gotta finish strong!

Me and Chris at the Natural History Museum.

Easter brunch: Lots of Polish Ham.

I'm pooped.


Brash Lion said...

Dan & his shoulder pain after eating too much - L. O. L.

Squeen said...

Lest Chris (or her mom) read this, let me assure the world: I'm downplaying the cookies in order to comfort our March fitness soldier.

Also, that photo of the Easter spread doesn't give justice to the amount of cured meat on the table -- I believe each of those trays had five different kinds of ham. And there's a dish of ham out of the frame, to the left of the first bowl of kielbasa. Yum.

Annette said...
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Annette said...

Easter brunch looks so good! I had to work. Sucks to be me!

Annette said...

Sorry, I deleted a comment! I made a :( face without previewing and it ended up on 2 lines. Looked dumb.