Thursday, March 27, 2008

The pants fit.

Do I look skinnier sideways?

I definitely lost an ounce. This morning, feeling very sorry for myself because I had nothing to wear AGAIN, in desperation, I pulled out a pair of pants that I bought pre-trip that no longer fit post-trip. I slipped them on and they fit perfectly. FINALLY! VALIDATION that giving up my true love (cookies, cakes and ice cream) has some rewards. Something to wear! I keep checking myself out in the mirror thinking I look all cool in my "new" pants.

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Brash Lion said...

Yesss! There is hope. This reminds me of the horribly written episode of "Sex And The City" when Miranda is obsessed with fitting into her skinny jeans. I don't mean your post reminds me of that, I mean my getting excited about the prospect of fitting into pants reminds me of that. I'm going now.