Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tina's birthday party in the conference room.

I did not have one. But man did they smell good.

March Madness is all about negotiating. This morning, I woke up extremely tired and like every morning, I had this fight in my head:

"Stay in bed."

"No get up."

"Come on, stay in bed. It's so warm."

"No I have to get up."

"You can work-out in the evening."

"Oh, yeah! Oh no! I have plans this evening."

"Well, if you don't workout now, you won't work out later either."

"Okay then, I'll get up."

And I do. But literally, it's that same conversation. In my head. Every morning. I almost always get up. If I have no plans, sometimes I cave. But usually I can convince myself it's more trouble than it's worth.

And that is what happened in the conference room today. Negotiation. Another version of that same conversation. I wanted a cupcake, but I knew I was going out with my friends tonight where I would want a glass of wine, and do I really have my treat of the week and my drink of the week in one night? No. I'll have wine tonight. Dessert this weekend. It's done. They still smelled good.

I met up with some old work-mates--Amanda, Elizabeth and Anjali--and forced them to go to my favorite place--where else, Divine Bar East Side. I love that place. And they agreed to come, so why fight it.

I drank my wine so so slowly and it was so so good. The highlight, however, was hearing Elizabeth tell us a story about how she was having a really bad day at work, and so she decided to go to the bathroom, lock herself in the stall, build a little nest for herself, sit on top of the nest with pants still on and fume.

I had laughing tears in my eyes as she was telling this story. I just love the idea of a nest made out of toilet paper and watching her rotate her hand in a circular motion to indicate covering the toilet seat. I never thought about it that way before. We all agreed that the nest is what we will take away from the evening.

(The thing that is great about Elizabeth is that she started working at my old job when I was totally over it, and I was so cranky and uninterested with any of the new hires by then. And I just remember one day bumping into her randomly in the kitchen and being like, "So how's the new job going?" and then ending the conversation with "Yeah, sorry I never talk to you." I remember thinking: She probably thinks I am so much more weird talking to her than not talking to her. But we have talked lots more since then, and I find that she is quite enjoyable to talk to and my social grace has improved since then--kind of).

So all in all, we had some good conversation, tapas and good drinks (well, drink for me), but then we started talking about constipation, and when our discussion was literally going down the toilet, we called it a night.

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