Friday, April 9, 2010

Yellow thoughts

Tomorrow is my dress fitting, and I am sad to report that in the last three weeks, there was no miraculous weight loss nor the emergence of six pack abs and chiseled arms. How can that be? While I was 80% on point of eating well and exercising a lot, there was definitely some consumption of wine, bagels with cream cheese, fried chicken, brownies, jelly beans. Not to mention Easter. Dan counted 16 kinds of ham on the dining room table. It was totally worth it!

This week, I strained my left hamstring while doing a sprint on the treadmill. Take a few days off from working out, Dan told me. Take a few days off?! I often have to drag myself to the gym, but suddenly when I could not exercise I could not think of anything else I wanted to do. So I tried this very intense ab routine one day (no legs required) and a yoga class the next day (making sure I did not fully stretch my leg) but by the end of all that, my body just ached all over in not a good way. What did I tell you? Dan said to me. You're overcompensating for your bad leg and now your whole body is messed up.

So I decided that I am taking the weekend off. And I suddenly feel very chunk.

Let's think of something else to put my mind at ease. Something that always makes me happy. Yellow!

Me on Easter, next to my favorite spring flowers. They are so pretty. It was unusually hot that day. This seemed to be the first Easter in years where it wasn't cold and dreary.

I am very happy with the way my yellow wedding invitations turned out. They were designed by my high school friend Michele, who somehow turned all my crazy bride ideas and research into something cohesive and really beautiful. I am so glad I convinced Dan to splurge on the calligraphy. I could have stared at these envelopes all day.

I just discovered that all this time, I could have bought a yellow wedding dress. It's too late now. Besides, I am sure such prettiness made by Vera Wang doesn't come cheap. I can hear my mother breathing a sigh of relief...


Two Princes and a Dragon said...

bummer about your hamstring! Your invites were beautiful.

Courts! said...

I have the envelope to my invite posted in my house and I get SO MANY comments on it. They're really gorgeous!!