Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crocheted Bike

Dan's friends Brad and Holly from San Francisco are in NYC for a business trip, so yesterday we met up for dinner. We were also joined by Phil, one of Dan's friends who lives in the city, but whom I only met once before.

While I tend to make friends one by one, Dan collects his friends in groups. So we have all these different circles of friends: the Visalia friends, the LA friends, the poker people, and of course, the Jacksons circle (members of each group have also become my friends through the years). Brad and Phil are part of the Visalia contingent, the group we see the least, but I feel like I know them because Dan talks about them often. They are all super nice people. I especially feel a kinship to Brad's wife, Holly, who I feel like I could talk with for hours.

Phil suggested that we meet up at Freemans which is the kind of cool NYC restaurant Dan and I don't frequent enough. Meaning it's one of those hip places where on a Wednesday night at 8:30 pm, there is still an hour wait, and when we finally finished our meal around 11:30 pm, the place was still buzzing and packed. Still, it was definitely worth it, especially with friends. The restaurant is hidden down this random graffiti colored alley way, and is decorated with strange taxidermy animals but it has this really cool home-y glow and feel. The food is quite decent as well, so it all makes sense why it's so popular.

Phil, Dan, Brad and Holly in Freeman Alley.

My pic of the day. Day 12, 4/28/10.

After dinner, Dan made us walk a few blocks to check out this crochet wrapped bike that he saw on the way to the restaurant. Dan grabbed my camera and took maybe 25 pictures of this bike. He was obsessed. Here's his best one, in my opinion.


Peter said...

How cool is that bike!? I love all the pics of the day:)

kroszonka said...

thanks. there are more bikes and more crocheted madness by olek... check out my solo show at christopher henry gallery on sep 9th!