Monday, March 29, 2010

Cookie Hangover

Me and my man, Drake.

Run. Push ups. Sit ups. Lunges. Yoga. Salad.
I was doing so well all week until Heather invited me over to Brooklyn on Friday. We went on a mile and a half stroll with the Drake-man for what Heather called a "life-changing sandwich" at Brooklyn Bread. I had the Italian sandwich on the crustiest, warmest bread ever and yes, it was amazing. I tortured myself on our walk back by peeking into all the cute bakeries and pastry shops we walked by, but I stayed strong.

Then I noticed a place called Chip Shop, which Heather said had fried everything....even fried Twix bars. Fried what??? Now that sounded waaaaaaaaay too good to miss, so we brought the baby into a bar and downed some fried Twinkies and fried Snickers bar. (It was good, but nothing more than glorified funnel cake).

Bottle, check. Beer, check. Fried Snickers and twinkie, double check.

All smiles! Look how much Drake's grown since my last carriage photo!

That night, Dan and I met up with Adam and Nell for a meal at their new favorite restaurant, The RedHead. The place is known for its fried chicken and New Orleans style cuisine, so how could we resist but to eat heartily and happily.

The next day, my former roommates Meagan and Julie came over for our monthly dinner. For the last year, we have been hosting dinners at each other's apartments as a way to eat well and have a regimented time to see each other. Otherwise, the time flies by and we never see each other. It's been working out great, and I like to catch up with the girls on a regular basis.

I decided to make a butternut squash lasagna, salad, garlic bread and for dessert....chocolate chip cookies, my favorite.
It's been so long since I had some homemade cookies in my house that I went a little crazy. I ate them while I made them. I ate them while the girls were over for dinner. I ate them when they left. I must of had like 20 cookies in one day.

The next day, I felt absolutely awful. I had the worst cookie hangover of all time. I had no motivation to do anything except sit on my couch and zone out. Even my head hurt. It was terrible. Then Dan started eating the rest of the cookies and I wanted more cookies. I actually started to feel better after eating the cookies, just like an alcoholic feels better after one drink even when hungover. I was planning to throw them away Sunday night but there was nothing but crumbs left.

While I am not particularly proud of our piggy ways this weekend, especially since I just posted about how I have to have crazy discipline in the next few weeks, I have lost a lot of weight since January. My jeans are so baggy that yesterday, just for fun (and to see if I could do it), I pulled them down without unbuttoning or unzipping them. It was sort of weird (Dan rolled his eyes at me), but I have to say, it felt pretty good.

Monday is a new day. Run. Push ups. Sit ups. Lunges. Yoga. Salad.

UPDATE: I weighed myself at the gym and I have lost 7 pounds since January!

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Peter said...

We went to the "New Orleans Steakhouse" for Audreys birthday. I thought of you:)