Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cat calls

I don't get a ton of attention from the opposite sex because I have a 6 foot four inch man standing next to me most of the time. But it never fails that I will be walking home from the gym or a run in the park and a man on the street will look me up and down and say something like, "Hey sexy, how's it going?"

I could understand such as question, if I were in fact dressed up maybe if I was wearing a dress or heels or I actually combed my hair. But no, these interactions always seem to happen when I am wearing sweaty workout clothes, hair pulled back into a messy pony tail--pieces sticking out--no make-up. Basically, in a condition where I hope no one will take notice of me.

I would like to know what these men are thinking. Are they making fun of me, or do they genuinely think that grubby sweaty stinky look is sexy--and for some reason, feel the need to express it right then and there?

I usually ignore them, but how do these men expect I should respond to such a question? "Good?" "I am doing good because I am sweaty and sexy?" There has got to be a better way.


Courts! said...

If I know anything about men, and I don't, it's that they always think we're more gorgeous than we think we are. Maybe we should listen to that? Although, the cat-calls are rarely comfortable. But I do miss that about New York, oddly enough!

Two Princes and a Dragon said...

You look flushed and beautiful. NOt to mention your bright blue eyes are sparkling.

Brett said...

Court's totally right. A woman has her dark interior monologue to contend with - men just get the fastidious maintenance that darkness urges.

And you are *totally beautiful.* You should get it into your head.

Also, men give...

+1 for flushed.
+1 for ponytail (messier=better).
+1 for workout clothes.
+1 for the body language of workout endorphin rush.

Anonymous said...

you're kidding right?