Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls Night Out!

This past Saturday night, I celebrated my last days of being single at my bachelorette party!

The night kicked off at Tia Pol, a tiny tapas restaurant in Chelsea. We sat in the back room and ate amazing Spanish food with sangria that wouldn't stop flowing. Heather made cute little rose hair pins for all of us to wear. The centerpiece was a flowered-filled bowl of the yellow KitchenAid mixer everyone got for me (My dream of owning a KA finally has come true!) And then there was the lingerie rack. Everyone got me a piece of lingerie, inscribed some marriage advice on a tag attached and I had to guess who got me what. I was horrible at guessing, but I loved this piece of advice: "If you ever get so mad you want to say something you might regret, just flip the bird!" Guess who said that? I told you it was hard!

Me, Michele and my sister Annette

Heather and Kim

Flowers and the lingerie rack. (Picture by Heather)

We then headed to midtown to
Piel Canela for some private salsa lessons with Joe. The dancing school was located in this random office building, but when we walked in, it was like the scene in Dirty Dancing where everyone is dancing all sexy and crazy. It felt completely surreal. I never knew this kind of place even existed! Joe took us to a dance studio away from the madness where we learned some basic salsa moves. When the lesson was over, we urged Joe to show us some of his best moves. He grabbed me as his dance partner and we had some spicy dancing in front on the girls! Afterwards we hit the dance party and watched everyone go in circles around us. Some professionals performed with their students and we even saw a belly dancer!

Meagan and Julie in the cab.

Five, six, seven, eight... (Picture by Heather)

Shake those hips. (Picture by Heather)

Hot stuff! (Picture by Heather)

For our last call, we headed to Stout for "just one more drink!" People started to trickle out, but as for me, one drink led to many more until it was just Kim, Kayleen, Nell and me left. Dan and Julien, who had their own little party of rock band and shots at the apartment, came to join us, and that's when we downed some Jager bombs (Dan drank half of mine) and we devoured gross amounts of french fries and macaroni and cheese and onion rings. The whole scene reminded me of my first years in New York...the single years.

Kayleen shows Julien her new salsa moves.

Dan and me at the end of the night.

By the time we got home it was 3am! I can't remember the last time we partied like this. It was definitely a night to remember!

I want to say a huge thank you to Heather and Annette who planned this awesome party. They really went above and beyond, especially Heather, to make this a special night for me. I really loved every minute of it and appreciate all that you did for me.

The day after. You would think it was his party and not mine.


Two Princes and a Dragon said...

My pleasure. For you anything cute girl!

Today's a killer at work. Nighmare. Let's touch base later about printing party.

Two Princes and a Dragon said...

Strangest thing - I'm not even kidding. I am listening to Pandora and I have some Bhangra music selected and randomly that belly dancer's song came on - Monsoon Malabar Bombay Dub Orch. I was thinking at the event I really liked that song.