Monday, June 1, 2009

California Dreamin'

Perhaps it is not the most productive way to live your life, but Dan and I are always looking for the next best place to live. As I have previously mentioned, Dan and I pretty happy in New York City, but we're always on the hunt for our apres-New York living situation that will feature things like a bigger living space, an outdoor patio and vegetable garden, a dog, good food, city culture if we want it, viable jobs around, and bikes.

Dan has been feeling a little homesick for California and suggested we spend a few days in San Francisco to feel it out. I am not one to ever turn down a vacation.

Since I was a little girl, I always loved California. My childhood trips visiting my aunt and uncle in San Jose, and later Gilroy, left me with wonderful memories of blue skies, swimming pools, mountains, boat rides and horses. The idea of moving to this state always seemed like a possibility. I almost had my chance when I got accepted to USC, but it was too expensive and (to my mom) too far to go. Now, being with Dan, I am happy that my life will always be tied to this place since his family and many of his friends are still here.

Since Dan and I have both been to San Francisco a few times already, this trip wasn't about seeing the sights. It was seeing if we could fit in here. Judging from these pictures, the answer could be "YES."


Courts! said...

San Fran?? Isn't that place like, MORE expensive than NYC with not that much more room? AND SUPER MORE GAYER!!!!

Willytheprince said...

I love San Fran. Willy and I do the same thing, "future homes" and when we used to go visit them we would say we are "interviewing the city". We have our top three we call the Super Ss (Seattle, San Fran, San Diego)

I have a funny story about an old roomie and I inquiring about an apartment in San Fran when we were 19. I'll save the story for another day :)