Sunday, June 7, 2009

Michele, ma belle

Thanks to Facebook, in the last year, I have reconnected with one of my favorite people from high school, my friend Michele. When we were 14 years old and freshmen in high school, Michele and I sat next to each other in art class and we would amuse ourselves by drawing pictures of snails and french fries and aliens, which would make us erupt into giggles for reasons only we could comprehend. Michele is still a great artist and will be helping Dan and me with our save-the-dates for our wedding. They are going to be SO GREAT.

Michele and I like to hang out exclusively on Sundays (our day) where we do things like eat brunch or go to the movies or visit bake shops or giggle about things like snails and french fries and aliens.

This Sunday, we spent the day in Brooklyn. Her friend David came along for the ride.

We first stopped at the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg. We bought matching snail pins (see above) and I got Dan an awesome t-shirt.

Michele is, and always has been, the type of person to pose with a painted Ronald Reagan "notorious" suitcase.

Then we took the bus all the way to Red Hook to visit baked, a very hip bakery that I have been dying to go to for about a year now. What took me so long? It's in the middle of freakin' nowhere. I asked Michele to go on a Sunday in February and she advised me that the winds were much too strong and cold that time of year, that summer was really the only time to go to Red Hook. The time is NOW people.

Here's Michele and David with the red velvet and oreo cupcakes. HEAVENLY. Michele and I also split a strawberry whoopie pie. There's no way that I will come here very often, so I think I really need to purchase the cookbook.

After wards, we walked over to this overcrowded, family-filled park in Red Hook that is lined with taco trucks. For $4 you can get a can of soda and the most delicious taco al pastor (or chicken or vegetarian or GOAT, whatever you fancy). But you must wait a gazillion years in line. As usual, anything cool in NYC is overrun with people.

It doesn't look like there are many people ahead of us, but each person ordered about twenty different taco combinations. On a beautiful, sunny warm day with good company, it was worth the wait.

$3 never tasted so good.

Then we walked to Cobble Hill to Michele's apartment. I especially loved that she lived right next to a stinky cheese store.

"My hallways sometimes smell like cheese," Michele said.

I didn't notice. Her place is adorable. The saddest part of the day was having to go home.

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Michele said...

thank you for such a fun day, yuv. i'm very grateful for us. and ufos, snails, and french fries. :) i hope dan likes his awesome shirt.