Thursday, June 25, 2009

The High Line

This week, on the one nice sunny day of this entire month, I checked out The High Line, the newest attraction in New York City. Running through the Meatpacking District, the High Line is an elevated park that has been created using an old train line. At this point, only a small section is open from Gansevoort St to W20th, but it will eventually go up all the way to W34th St. If you go, remember to take your fancy camera. Nearly every person walking on it has one. I just had my point and shoot with me, so I was dealing with some major camera envy.

The park consists of a long walkway surrounded by natural flowers. The railroad tracks have become part of the garden design.

There is a bunch of modern-style benches and patio furniture so you can lay out midst the flowers and buildings.

The whole place has a very zen, Japanese garden, modern feel and yet there are towering city buildings all around you. My favorite part were these wooden stadium stairs where you can sit and relax--to a point. The kids in the park trampled up and down the stairs like it was a big jungle gym. What is everyone watching?

Why the traffic, of course. A giant window overlooks the street, so watching a man hail a cab feels like watching reality "art."

I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of beauty and gritty.

The panes of the glass are inspired by the colors of the Hudson River.

You got such an interesting perspective of the city below. Here I caught a glimpse of what looks like a fashion shoot.

The end of the path (for now).

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