Monday, June 15, 2009

Old and new

I am sorry that I have been a terrible blogger as of late. My news is same old. There's just really nothing new to report about job searching except that it absolutely sucks to not have a job (or be "in between assignments" as I like to say) and I don't really want to write about my feelings of inadequacy at the moment.

Some things in New York never change. Like these random white statues in Port Authority of an albino traveling family walking through a door. It is probably the ugliest piece of public art ever, but it is the perfect meeting place for people taking a bus into the city. I met my sister Annette there on Sunday for a belated birthday lunch and theater performance of 9 to 5.

And then some things do change. The city of New York recently created a pedestrian walkway in the middle of Times Square. Basically they just shut down a few blocks of Broadway and plopped a bunch of lawn chairs in the middle of the road. Most pedestrian walkways have nice cobble stones or flowers or something. This is the ugliest walkway ever. To me, there's nothing relaxing about laying out in the middle of Times Square in a lounge chair on the concrete floor, but maybe that is part of the charm.

Also, this weekend, Dan and I also had a really terrific meal with our (old) friends Stacy and Mike at this (new to us) tapas place called ALTA. One of of our best NYC dining experiences ever. Seriously.

That's all I have to report.

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Brian said...

I went to Alta for the first time right before I left. Did you have the dates and olives wrapped in bacon??? We ordered them again for dessert.