Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Other things we did in San Francisco.

Rode the street car.

Had undoubtedly the best meal of the trip at Brenda's, a New Orleans style restaurant. Dan and I shared an omelette stuffed andouille sausage and cheese and a plate of one-inch thick pancakes filled with oats and cranberries and topped with fruit. AMAZING.

Record shopping. And then some more record shopping.

Went to the Musee Mecanique and played vintage carnival games.

Saw the Robert Frank "The Americans" photography exhibit at SF MOMA.

Had a really nice dinner at Woodhouse Fish Company. Besides being fairly reasonable (we got an appetizer, two dinners, one dessert and two drinks for like 70 bucks) and yummy, Dan was obsessed with the plasma screen inserted in a large ornate frame that showcased video of fishermen. It was like moving art.

Stopped and smelled the flowers. There were so many beautiful gardens and florists in the city.

Walked around the Marina, Union Square, the Mission.

Stopped into a fascinating store called Paxton Gate. There was a post for adults, but we liked the kids store better. The kids store had really cool games and science projects while the adult store was filled with stuffed mice and insects and other weird things.

Walked up the biggest, steepest hill I have ever walked in my life time. It was like walking up stairs....for a really long time. Dan started running up it but that didn't last long.

Rode the graffiti-covered buses and wondered how New York got so clean (or why SF is still so dirty).

Had a glass of wine at Balboa Cafe in the Marina, a place that has been around forever, where the bartenders wore white smocks.

Admired old cars. They were everywhere!


Squeen said...

Most of those amusements at the Musee Mecanique are much older than Pong. And I also like the ones I can't lose -- like the old timey nickelodeon movies ("What the Belly Dancer Does on Her Day Off"!)

Brian said...

I very much enjoy the picture of Squeen and the old car.

Re: your last post, I very much enjoy lying for the sake of comedy.