Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ode to Brian

On a rainy and bad-hair inducing evening, Dan and I ventured to Brooklyn to Brian's going away party. Brian lives ten blocks away from me, but his party was taking place an hour away at Zombie Hut in Brooklyn. Luckily, Brian is the type of guy who you'd travel an hour in the rain all the way to Brooklyn for his going away party without complaint.

Brian and I met in high school. He was three grades below me, but we became friends by doing plays and musicals together. Those two years I did high school drama were some of the best times in my life, and the people involved--people like Brian--was really what made it so great. I usually was delegated a few lines here and there, but Brian had a beautiful singing voice and always had the leading roles. He was a star (still is).

I didn't do the best job staying in touch with most of my high school friends, but for some reason, Brian was the rare exception. I am unsure why except that our lives kept bumping into each other. I remember emailing him sometimes when I was in college. After I graduated, I went to visit him at UPenn for a weekend of beer drinking at one of those parties where someone played the guitar. One day, when I was working in New York and still living in New Jersey, I discovered Brian standing at the train platform at Convent Station. He was commuting into the city, too. And that's when we became commuting buddies. During the hour long trip, we would spend the first ten minutes talking and catching up and the next 50 minutes bobbing our heads in sleep.

Eventually, we both moved to New York City, and sometimes lots of time would pass where we didn't see each other, but I knew I could always count on Brian for good times and his yearly Christmas card. He has the best taste in cards. We would get together to do fun things like rock out at Brandy's Piano Bar or watch All About Eve or go to JG Melon's to eat hamburgers. Brian likes to talk about musical theater and France (He looooves the French), and I could spend hours talking about musical theater and France.

Brian has the best laugh. He laughs at things that you wouldn't expect someone to laugh at, which makes ordinary things much funnier. I always laugh when I am with Brian. Movies are the best with Brian. All About Eve was freakin' HILARIOUS.

So, Brian is leaving New York City. He met a great guy who he's been dating for a while and is moving to Colorado to be with him. I am happy for him but sad for me. Then again, since our friendship has lasted despite the odds, I have no doubt it will continue to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if our lives will bump into each other once again.

I feel these pictures are a good representation of what it's like to hang out with Brian:

I was not drunk in these pictures even though it looks it. As we were taking these pictures, Brian said, "I feel like my head is so big and yours is so small." That's why I was laughing so hard. Looks like he was wrong.

Brian had invited some other high school drama people to the party, including my friend Bob. Haven't seen that guy in like five years, maybe more. I love how every time I see Bob, he fondly talks about the time when I was a senior and he was a freshman and I would drive him home from play practice. I love my drama peeps.

I also met a sweet girl named Raina. Hi Raina!


Annette said...

Dude, I want to meet Brian! How could you not have introduced us in the past? Possibly done a broadway show or two together???! And Bob's cute too!!!

Brian said...

Thank you guys for traveling so far without complaint. This is so sweet. I love you, and you have to come visit! Your head in real life is smaller than mine, it's just the perspective!

Dr. Zhivago? On the Waterfront? The African Queen? Sunset Boulevard.