Sunday, May 3, 2009

Giant Cheetos

I am sure that you know by now that I would take sweet over salty any day. Don't get me wrong, put a bowl of Doritos in front of me and I can eat the whole thing. But usually, I go months without putting a single chip in my mouth or even thinking about doing so.

Yet for some reason, I have been captivated by the brilliant new snack-food invention: Giant Cheetos. Ever since I saw the commercial
, I have been dying to have one (or two or three).

The problem was that I couldn't find them anywhere. In a week's time, I tried two grocery stores, Target, the Devil's Den, and nothing! Suddenly, the urge for a massive cheese puff was getting unbearable. After reviewing an online message board, I discovered that someone found them at Walgreens, which is where I finally got them. Phew!

What did it taste like? Well, like a Giant Cheeto. What did you expect? Sure, you have to open your mouth extra wide to eat it, but really, you just get more of the artificial cheesy taste, the Styrofoam texture, the gunk stuck in your teeth and the orange dust on your fingers. If you want a more detailed analysis, I suggest you go

I feel like I could go on living now that I had one, and I could live on never having one ever again. But if they were in a bowl in front of me, I would definitely go for it. Though I prefer the skinny, crunchy Cheetos over the puff (giant or regular) any day.

The moment I have been waiting for!

Going, going....


Dan gets his Cheetos fix.


Willytheprince said...

doesn't look as long as I would have imagined. Did you break it in half?

Dan's mom said...

If you ask Monica, she'll tell you the only Cheeto to eat is a HOT cheeto!