Saturday, April 25, 2009

See Dan run

Today was a big day in our household. Dan got new running shoes.

Dan likes to keep things for a long time. He prides himself on doing this. I think nothing gives him more pleasure than saying, "I got this item five/ten/fifteen years ago and look how great it still is."

His running shoes were one of these items. He's had the same New Balance sneakers for 10 years. Dan does not run as often as me. He goes through phases where he will run regularly or not run at all. But whenever he is on a running spree, he will lace up these ancient relics and say, "Aren't these still great?"

The answer has always been no. I mean, I run a lot and know that it is important for a runner to replace his shoes often--at least once a year or after running 400 miles--or they cease to be effective. Dan's running shoes were way past their prime. They were old, worn down, dingy--just horrible, horrible shoes. When is the last time you have seen a running shoe made entirely of leather with no breathable mesh? Probably ten years ago. I mean look at these shoe laces:

Dan would have to use a pen to poke the shoelace through the hole because the ends were so frayed.

"But they only cost $29."

"Yeah, I get it. So get a new pair." We have had this conversation for five years--which means they were horrible even five years ago.

Lo and behold, Dan finally decided today that it was time for a new pair. The last time he went on a run, his feet and knees ached a little which alerted him it was time. We went to Modell's. He tried on two pairs of shoes. He picked up a new pair of white New Balances for $34. We tested them out by running on the East River Promenade, and he said they felt good.

I saw that Dan threw out his old pair in the garbage.

"What, you're not going to donate them to Good Will?" I asked him. Then it dawned on me. No one, not even a homeless person, would ever want to wear those awful shoes. And Dan knew it, too.

The good and the ugly.


Peter said...

Jen makes fun of me for doing the same thing. The other day, I saw an old picture from the late 80's and said "I still have that sweater". I finally made a donation pile and realized the homeless wouldn't take it either.

Annette said...

I just realised why I like Dan so much. Let him know if he ever needs some extra t-shrits, I have a pretty impressive collection!

David said...

Our dad does the same thing. "Look at this tie. I've had it since 1964!" For that matter so do I. Must be in the Pasquini genes.

kunka. said...

at least dan threw away "The Grays" before he met you. they were his t-shirt and shorts he wore around PLB and i swear, by the end, they were actually a liquid.