Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Brett and Emily are vacationing in New York City this week, which means only means one thing: Backstock. The t-shirts were ordered, the bag of chaos devised, Courtney flew in from Minnesota. But this turned out to be no Jackstock Part Two. Blame the cold weather, people feeling under the weather, or the fear that we would never come close to the awesomeness of our first spectacular event. Eventually, we just forgoed the bag and just spent time doing what we like best: hanging out and eating a ton. And you know what? We had just as much fun.

Here are some (not all) of the things we did over the last few days:

Dan and I finally have our first taste of Doughnut Plant's gourmet treats. Not the most healthy way to start the day, but I'd say the vanilla-flavored was pretty spectacular.

We had the awesome opportunity to see the first cut of Adam's film, with commentary from the director/writer himself. I am super proud of him and think the movie looks amazing. He is going to become a star! Dan is helping Adam select music for the film.

Because we weren't full enough from bagels and doughnuts, we went out for some chicken wings. Here's Dan, Brett (nice stripes) and Courtney.

Brett and Emily go Swiss on us and show us how to fondue. I cut the bread and made a bread mountain.

We wait in line for some burgers and shakes at Shake Shack on the Upper West Side. Emily was much happier about it than this picture implies.

We went to the Museum of Natural History and split into teams (boys against girls) and took portraits of each other using the museum as our canvas. Most of the rooms were really dark and crowded and so I searched for the light. This is my favorite picture I took of Nell by the window overlooking the park.

Nell took this cool one of me, going face to face with a scary mask.

We all took the Myers Briggs personality test to find out our personality types. Does it surprise anyone that I scored as being 100% introverted? (By the way, I took the test with everyone and then a similiar one a few months ago on a Facebook application called MyType Personality and was deemed two different personalities. I compared the two, and I am definitely more the Confidant (INFJ). I am interested to know what you are. (Use the Facebook test if you have access--it is more detailed).

Here are Courtney's better-than-mine pics from the weekend.

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Dan's mom said...

From one INFJ to another.... Looks as if you had a great time with your group of good friends! Maybe you're somewhat less than 100% introvert? Love the pictures!