Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dan cooks!

"You are going to have the culinary experience of a lifetime."

This is what Dan tells me before making me Valentine's Day dinner (a day early).

I was pretty impressed when Dan volunteered to make me dinner for Valentine's Day. He never cooks anything--or me, for him, for anybody.

The fact that he came home with a bag full of groceries was already cause for amazement. Dan knows where the grocery store is?

Dan didn't want no easy dinner either. I tried to offer some ideas for no fail meals and he dissed them and picked his own recipe.

His recipe called for fennel. I have never cooked with fennel in my life. This was seduction at its absolute best.

Dan handled himself pretty well in the kitchen, chopping, cutting, grating like I have never seen him do. He peeled the carrots with his favorite kitchen device, the one I never use, the one we bought a few years ago from this guy.

He worked very hard, literally RUNNING between the kitchen and his computer, trying to get everything ready on time. The recipe was supposed to take 30 minutes, but it took him an hour. I tried not to stare too much at this sight I never do see. But there it was--Dan cooking! He never looked more handsome!

At 9:45 pm, dinner was ready. He made a Giada recipe: Roasted halibut with grapefruit fennel with a shaved carrot and pear salad with curry vinaigrette. Fancy, right? It was really good!

For dessert, we had a brownie (from a bakery) and then when I tried to clean the kitchen afterward, Dan STOPPED me and did it himself.

This guy knows what he's doing. He's the best Valentine. I love Dan.


kunka. said...

nice job, squeen. he once made wassil for our christmas party and it took him about 3 and a half hours!

Annette said...

HOLY COW!!! Dan, that picture of the finished dish looks AWESOME! I am VERY impressed! Lucky you, Yuv! No wonder you said yes! Can you plan on one of these meals next time I come to visit? Who needs a Broadway show when we can get this kind of entertainment?!?!

Michele said...

that's so sweet! a guy cooking! and not just any recipe, a giada recipe! i hope you had a very merry valentine's day.

i also think we own the same book, The Works: Anatomy of a City. right?

Squeen said...

I'm great.

And yes, Michele, that is "The Works: Anatomy of a City." Good eye. It's mine...Yvonne will tell you that I'm the only geek for municipal systems in this household.

Speaking of books, I like the way our bookshelf looks in that picture.

Dan's mom said...

Makes a mom so proud!