Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yvonne in real life.

If I were a celebrity, I don't think I would do well in those candid "Just Like US" photos in US Weekly.

Adam took this picture of me during Backstock. Don't I look like the saddest little Polish girl that ever stood in a doughnut shop?

And this one, taken by Courtney, is just priceless. I think I am yawning without covering my mouth which is what I do sometimes (my mom HATES it). Now I see why. Either that or something special really caught my eye. Paparazzi?


Annette said...

both pics, too funny!

Dan's mom said...

Maybe if you had had a cupcake in your hand, you'd have had a smile on your face!
Pic #2, I think you're looking with awe at something just out of view.