Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Yacht Club

Our friend Tom is such a Southern gentleman that when we announced we were engaged, he insisted on taking us out to dinner to celebrate. Flash forward four months later, he suggested that we go to the restaurant at the Yacht Club. The restaurant is not open to the public, but since Tom's dad is a member (no, he does not have a yacht), we were able to see a part of New York City that few people get to see.

The club is housed in a beautiful old historical Beaux-Arts building that was created by the same guys who designed the exterior of Grand Central Station. The restaurant looks like it is the inside of a ship. Upstairs is a huge room filled with hundreds of model boats.

Tom and me.

Tom let me invite a friend, so I brought along Heather who is always up for some food and boats.

Heather loves the boats.

So does Dan.


Brash Lion said...

LURVE the purple.

Willytheprince said...

Wish I would have gotten a picture of you and Dan together!

Love the haunting image of me at the end of the boats.