Monday, July 14, 2008


A look back at Brett and Emily's farewell weekend and quite possibly some of the most fun I've ever had:

Jackstock Day One:
The hottest party in town. Really. Temperatures soared as dozens of people crammed inside Toad Hall a.k.a. the Jackson apartment. I was too hot to take one picture. But I ate a lot of cookies and cake.

Jackstock Day two: Brunch: The group--Brett, Emily, Courtney, Adam, Nell, Turi, Ingo, Dan and me--convened for brunch at Metro Diner where Adam unveiled “The Bag of Chaos.” We were each given cards that represented meals, Sunday brunch, drinks and activities and we had to write down different options for each. The only rules? Activities must take place in Manhattan and have to be pre-approved by Brett and Emily before they are placed in the bag. After that, we do what the bag says—depending on if we're in the mood for food, Sunday brunch, drink or activity.

Brett and Emily in their Dan-designed Jackstock t-shirts, order some brunch.

Adam (in the Adam designed Jackstock tshirt) educates us about the bag of chaos. Nell is excited.

We soon learned that the bag of choas was always right and we couldn't have planned the next two days better ourselves:

Card #1: Pit stop at Toad Hall

Dan and me take a break at Brett and Emily's. Courtney steals the show.

Card #2: Drinks at the Slaughtered Lamb.

Emily's not too sure about middle of the day tequila shots. Brett is pretty sure.

Card #3: Row boats in Central Park.

Battle of the sexes.

Adam, with Ingo and Nell, rows his boat.

Manly Dan.

Manly Dan socks.

Card #4 said, “There is a bar in midtown that has a pool.”

No swim suits, no problem! We made a stop at H&M to buy matching suits to continue the party on.

We match!

Trunks and bikinis.

Card #5: Dinner at Burger Joint

It was 10 and we were starving and these greasy burgers were mighty fine.

Card #6:A bottle of wine at Toad Hall

Brett consults the bag of chaos. Back to Toad Hall, it is!

Jackstock Day Three:

Card #7: Brunch at La Palapa

Turi enjoys the Mexican brunch.

Card #8: Go see the Waterfalls art exhibit.

You can't see the waterfalls in this pic, but we saw 'em. And yeah, we wore the same outfits as yesterday (and for me and Dan, the day before). So?

Me and Dan and one of the falls.

Card #9: Mini-golfing at Roosevelt Island.
Wait a minute, this ain’t Manhattan! How did that card get in there? After much consultation, we opted to pass up this activity because it was against the rules and would've taken us way off course.

Card #10: Drinks at Zum Schneider, a German pub in the Lower East Side.


People were still thinking about card #9, so in tribute to the missed activity, we set up a complicated mini-golf course on Nell’s roof top that involved Courtney's bra. Yeah, we were delirious by this point.

Our makeshift course.

Adam "mops" up the competition.

The night ended with a lovely dinner at Toad Hall. I was too tired to take a picture.

We were pooped from fun, man!

More pictures.
Courtney's version. She explains some parts better than me.


Willytheprince said...

What a fun idea. Such creative people.
I want to plan my own Jackstock.

Brian said...

That weekend rocks. I want to visit this bar with a pool.