Monday, May 5, 2008

Sister Cooking School (Mother's Day-Part Two)

In an attempt to get over my cooking fears, I have asked my sister, Annette, who is a professional cook, to help me get better.

Commencing SISTER COOKING SCHOOL--a monthly get-together of sisters cooking things that Yvonne considers scary. Here we will conquer edible projects resulting in increased kitchen skills, delicious food and sibling bonding time.

We decided to have our first installment of Sister Cooking School on our faux Mother's Day weekend--guest-starring Mom herself. The menu? Why--something that she knows well: Homemade pierogi.

We were unexpectedly joined my aunt, Ciocia Marylka, who lives down the street, who offered her pierogi-making know-how as well. Here's how we did it:

I kneaded the dough.

Annette rolled the dough.

Using a cup, we cut out circles of dough that are then filled with a potato-cheese-onion mixture.

With the filling inside, we clamped the edges shut to create a half moon shape.

Ciocia lent a hand.

I wasn't very skilled at creating the pierogi shape. Here is my best (left) and my worst (right).

Mom boiled them and topped them with butter and onion.

We gave it a taste.

Success! Smaczne!

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