Friday, May 16, 2008

Quiche Makers

That's us!

My sister Annette and I in a nutshell:

1. We loved cupcakes before it was cool to like cupcakes. I have very fond memories of being 12 and going with my sister to the Shop Rite bakery to split a "cup" (as we called it back then).

2. For every birthday and often times Christmas (and sometimes just because) we purchase each other tickets to go see Broadway musicals. This has been going on for years and we've seen many. Orchestra seats only. Yeah, we're snobs like that.

3. We're Bert and Ernie. I'm Bert with the long and oval face. She's Ernie with the round.

4. When my sister visits me in Manhattan, she always wants to try new cuisine and I am always happy to oblige.

5. We're so opposite and at the same time so alike.

This weekend marks Annette's 35th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNETTE! We had thai for dinner (something you don't find too often in Pennsylvania, her neck of the woods) and then went to see Spring Awakening, a musical we've been dying to see. While enjoyable in some ways (loved the rock 'n roll music), we left the show scratching our heads about the unexpected serious plot line and wondering if it bothered anyone else that the lead actor spit constantly as he sang. Every word made a shower out of his mouth. We were happy not to be in the front row.

Annette slept over. And this morning, after some bagels and a walk-by the doggy gym near my apartment (Annette LOVES the dogs), we embarked on our second series of Sister Cooking School. The recipe: spinach and gruyere quiche. I have never made a quiche before just because it's not something I crave or think to make. I have made a pie crust before but it certainly did not come out as fabulous as the one we made today (I watched Annette perform some crazy skill) and I am not sure if I could make it look this good without her.

The perfect crust.

When we took the quiche out of the oven, it was so beautiful, we oohed...

...and ahhed.

We patiently waited 15 minutes for it to cool and settle.

And the more we waited, the more we fell in love with what we created.

That crust was not only pretty, but tasty, too.

Looking at this picture, there is another thing you should know about my sister and me. Unlike me, my sister hates to shop and I hand-me-up all of my old clothes to her. While I update my wardrobe pretty regularly, Annette thinks the older, the better. I purchased this tie-dyed Woodstock t-shirt during my hippie phase when I was 14--FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. I probably passed it off to Annette when I was 17. My sister still names it as one of her faves. It kills me. Every time I see the girl, it's like going through an old photo album with her (formerly my) clothes. And believe me, it's time for some of these items to go.

To finish off we the day, we went to the movies to see the Young@Heart ( so awesome. I hope I can rock out like this when I am 90.) and then ventured out in the East Village to share some "cups" just like old-times: One at the new, Martha Stewart-recommended How Sweet It Is bakery and then to our favorite place--the best cupcakes in Manhattan--Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Sweet ending to a great 24 hours.


Annette said...

This was the best birthday ever! I had so much fun! I'm so glad you came up with this cooking school idea and we are actually doing it! I love hanging with you more than I can put into words. If it's a broadway show, a great restaurant, doggie day-camp, a movie, or just talking with you over some "cups", I'm game.

Yvonne said...

same here! I love you too sis! xoxo.