Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The problem with a white dress.

So I was sitting at work today flipping through a bridal magazine (Don't get any ideas. It was for work, you hear?) and I came across something that surprised me. It said that it's not proper etiquette for guests of a wedding to wear white because only the bride should wear white.

Well you know that awesome dress I picked up for the wedding I am going to in June? Yeah, it's white. Actually, it's off-white with big black square and polka-dot shapes around the neck and bottom. It is short and modern--there's no mistaking that it's not a wedding gown. Still I feel it's kind of borderline. It IS mostly white.

I did some internet searches and most sources say the same thing (although this article says to use your judgment). I feel a little silly for not knowing this. Like duh, makes total sense. But then again, some of these same sources advise on not wearing black either, which to a New Yorker seems ludicrous.

So I am kind of thinking that maybe I should keep an eye out for another dress. And yet, this dress is so cool, I hate for it to sit in the closet (I love it so much, I won't be returning it). I am blogging about this because I am at a loss. What do you guys think? What would you do? Am I totally over thinking this? (probably!) Should I be Emily Post or Rebel Rider?


Willytheprince said...

HI!! Can you believe what a...um, lurker, not stalker I am?

Well, sad to say, both white and black are taboo.

But, I've worn both cream & black to weddings, and I've worn cream and black together and felt fine about it.

So, if you want to go for it--go for it!

I've made the mistake of not covering my shoulders in a uber religious wedding before--that wasn't fun!!! So in the words of Riz, there are worse things you could do.

Brash Lion said...

DUDE, first off, SCREW the rules. Second, we need a picture of this dress. But from the sound of it - off-white with a print on it - I think you'll be fine. I've heard the reason behind this silly white dress rule is to not outshine the bride. What, so her groom won't look at you? Because she's already experiencing the "best" day of her life thus far and who are you and your beauty to take that away from her? STATE of MIND, people! Man, can you tell that I just want to rip the wedding industry a new butthole? DAMN.

Emily said...

So, I know these are modern times, and traditional etiquette is a bit ridic, and I have certainly seen many people wearing both white and black to weddings, but I actually abide by the white/black rules. Why? BECAUSE IT IS NOT MY WEDDING!! I always figure that the happy couple put way too much of love and time and effort into their special day for me to decide that what I wear is more important.

However, I am notorious for having a lot of hangups.

Annette said...

It's off-white with big black square and polka-dot shapes around the neck and bottom. That does not sound like white to me! Go for it! Or if you're worried, bring it to a professional to have the off-white dyed to a cream or tan. The dress will still be fabulous and you'll feel more comfortable.