Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diet tricks.

If I am the one who lost 11 pounds in two months, why is it that whenever Dan and I venture out, everyone compliments HIM on how he's lost some weight??

This has happened multiple times in the last few weeks by multiple peers. Meanwhile, friends, co-workers and acquaintances have not uttered a word to me about my weight loss (except my mother, who said, "STOP LOSING WEIGHT." Weight loss makes her nervous because it means I am wasting away which means I am minutes away from my death bed. It's true.)

The thing is--I have been diligently getting up at 5:45 am each morning to pound the pavement or throw some weights around. (When I come home at 7:30, Dan is still in bed.) I am the one who eats my salad and vegetables and fruits and low-fat muffins. Dan, on the other hand, says that he HAS cut back, but I don't know how. Every other day he talks about how he ate too much, sometimes so much that this muscles and skin hurt (because they are stretching and getting fatter, he explains). He talks about eating $3 Chinese buffet at lunch and cookies at poker. On Sunday, he ate like five helpings of beans at dinner. Yesterday, after we ate a full dinner, he helped himself to apple sauce (with spoon from the jar), strawberry jam (with spoon from the jar) and tortilla chips.

How is this a diet? As for exercise, there is the walk to and from the subway, and twice a month, he'll do a 15-minute Dr. Oz workout in the living room.

"You're jealous," Dan said to me this morning, when I brought up it again that everyone thinks he's skinny.

"Yeah, so," I said. "It's not fair."

"Well, I think you look great," he said. "And you're working really hard. I couldn't have done it without you."

But the question is: DO WHAT?


Brash Lion said...

Maybe it IS you. You know how when you're wearing glasses people ask if you got a haircut? It's like, Dan has an Yvonne next to him - has he lost weight? He looks great!

Squeen said...

Courtney is totally right.