Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother's Day-Part One

Annette and I celebrated Mother's Day a week early (sans Pete--who is somewhere in Arizona right now) by taking my mother to the garden center. Mom found a bunch of flowers for her deck. Annette gathered a few red and yellow blossoms for her garden, and I took pictures as inspiration for the garden I hope to have SOME DAY. I wish it was today.

If I had a garden this year, I would have a red, yellow and purple theme. With flowers like these:

And these:

There's my mom with her pregnant belly of flowers.

I swear, the garden center is my mom's version of a candy store. She just eats it up.

To make me feel better for my lack of garden, mom gave me some spring flowers from her garden to take home, but Dan doesn't like how they smell. (I have to admit, they are really, really pungent in a kind of sickly sweet sort of way that overwhelms our little apartment but they're so pretty, I hate to throw them away!)

To compromise, Dan moved them from the table to the top of the refrigerator. I vowed to get rid of them the moment they begin to wilt. It's not really how I imagined my flower garden. Some day it will be better.


Anonymous said...

are those little white ones lilly of the valley? those are my favorite!

Yvonne said...

yeah dude--lilacs and lily of the valley. All time classics.