Monday, April 14, 2008

The Italian predicament.

Dan and I have been invited to a wedding in Italy in August. Dan's high school friend is getting married.

The airline tickets would cost us $1,200 a piece, but we could stay with Dan's family for accommodations.

Dan asked if I were interested and I said yes, drooling like a dog staring at a piece of meat being dangled over him.

But then Dan started fretting about the cost. And then he expressed nervousness about visiting his family who speak no English. (It will be FINE. I am a pro at this, I assured him.)

"And quite frankly," Dan said, "I don't know if there will be much for us to do there."

It's pretty unbelievable that the two of us have been together for nearly five years. I mean, WHO SAYS THAT? ABOUT ITALY?

"If there is nothing to do," I told him, "then we'll just eat all day and it will be summer, so there'll be gelato! Every day!"

This hasn't convinced him. It's really about the money, which I completely get. We were also invited to a destination wedding in Mexico that same month which we've 90% decided is out of our budget. A trip to Italy would be even more. But we'll see. I am crossing my fingers, but it's really not my decision. But it would alleviate that whole "get a life" problem I was having last week real quick.

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Annette said...

If Dan doesn't want to go to his high school friend's wedding in Italy, he can stay home and I'll go with you!