Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dan gets a new look.

If you know anything about Dan, you know he is a man of glasses. Having worn glasses since the age of five, Dan sees spectacles as part of his face, part of his persona. It's true. When I first met Dan back in Washington, I remember asking him to take off his glasses and it was like I was asking him to take off his underwear--in public. Dan scoffs at the idea of contacts. He would never wear them. He will always be a glass-man.

Therefore, when it's time for him to get a new pair. It's a big freakin' deal. And being the sort of person who cannot make a decision to save his life, it's an excruciating deal when you're Dan's girlfriend who has to meet him at the eye doctor to give her expert opinion.

You can just imagine how it all went:

"These glasses look so good on me."

"Man, I am good-looking. I can't decide."

We dabbled in some sun wear. I liked these Tom Cruise "Risky Business" era ones. Dan wasn't into them.

We narrowed it down to the top three. I gave my opinion on each:

"These make you look like boy-next-door, JCrew catalog." (I like-y! I wanted to kiss him right there but there was that guy in the blue shirt watching us.)

"These make you look New York trendy."

"These make you look like you're from Denmark."
(The glasses were actually made in Denmark.)

Dan tried these three pairs over and over, his face pressed against the mirror because he's so blind and can't see a thing.

He thought the JCrew glasses were a little plain.

About the thick black frames:
"Do these make me look like I am trying to be crazy, but not too crazy?"

At that point, after he had tried on the same pairs over and over a billion times, I was like, "dude, YOU ARE crazy."

He went with Denmark--my least favorite. But it's fine, I can live with it. Though Dan will be missing out on all the affection I'd have given him if he were wearing the boy next door look...oh well, his loss (and, I guess, mine).


Squeen said...

The J. Crew-looking ones look great in this real life, it wasn't quite the same. Why do I love tortoise shell on other people, but not me?

Sam said...

It's funny, but I do actually recall how uncomfortable Dan felt about taking off his glasses... :) And that was almost 10 years ago!

Annette said...

I actually like the Denmark glasses the best. Dan, I knew you had good taste; in your glasses AND your women!