Monday, April 28, 2008

Is this really happening?

My life seems way too awesome right now. It's like I just built a house of cards and I can't believe that I actually did it and while there isn't a breeze in sight, I am wondering if someone is just fooling me and gonna come out with a giant fan and blow them all away.

I mean seriously.

I've got my family and friends. A great boyfriend. A fabulous apartment. My four-day week working schedule (today is HUMP day for goodness sake). Time for writing and baking and whatever else I feel like doing. A body that is noticeably thinner and firmer and healthier. Cake once a week (really, the most wonderful time of the week). A healthy social calendar. A vacations to Argentina and beach weekends on the horizon.

Even my friend Meagan said to me this weekend, "There's something different about you now. It's like something shifted. You're like..." (and then she took a deep breath and exhaled in a giant sigh, as way of explanation).

Is this happiness?

I mean, one year ago, this is what I imagined for myself and holy crap, I did it. And I am pinching myself and kind of amazed at the power each of us have to shape our destiny. I am not saying my life is perfect or anything. I am still a crank-pot--come on. But I am happy that I can sit here and enjoy this, and I am crossing my fingers and saying JINX because I am afraid that it's all too good to be true.

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Brash Lion said...

WOW! Now, that didn't take very long at all! You are, for lack of a less-eye-rolley and trendy term, The Secret personified, my friend. Magick!