Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And they're off!

Today as I peddled on my stationary bike during my 6:15 am spin class, I thought about my dad and my brother Pete, who are flying out to Los Angeles today to begin their cross-country bike ride.

This morning as I rode, I stared at the guy's sweaty butt in front of me.

Dad and Pete will get to see things like this.

And this.

This will be my Dad's third bike voyage across America, and my brother's third attempt. They tried to do it together two or three years(?) ago, starting in Los Angeles, riding up the coast of California and then going across. But then my brother's bike broke and they lost a lot of time and momentum and so they decided to make it a California-only ride. Last year, Pete tried to attack the journey solo and again had to quit again due to bike troubles. He told me that his bike kept breaking and he was approaching the desert where he'd have to face long stretches of no one and nothingness. A little scary if your bike breaks down there. In a smart--yet I am sure at the time--devastating move, he turned back.

I have a feeling that third time will be a charm. With a new and improved bike, I think my brother will have the opportunity to successfully fulfill his dream. And my dad will go along for the ride.

Theirs will be an adventure much more rugged than my Euro-vacation. When I came home, people like my mom exclaimed, "I could never rough it and stay in hostels like you did." Then there was my dad who said, "I don't need that much luxury." Pete and Dad will be biking about 100 miles a day and then sleeping under the stars--whether it's at a camp site, the yard of a friendly person they've encountered or under a shrub. At least that is what they've done in the past. A slice of cake everyday is also out of the question. The food will be simple. Stops at the grocery store, camp-friendly food (beans and spaghetti), Dominoes pizza, and whatever else they come across. To each his own.

This is what I am talking about.

Still, I feel a twinge of envy that they will be out exploring the world while I sit at my cubicle and dream about places to go. And lately, I have been dreaming quite a lot.

If you are interested in following their journey, read my brother's bike blog and sign his guest book. I am sure he will appreciate it.

Be safe and good luck!

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Annette said...

I love that picture of Dad eating spaghetti!