Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Fridays begin

Look who's not working.

So I know that I already announced that I was going down to a four-day work week. But it never happened. My boss kept asking me to stay on the full five days because she needed me.

This week looked like it would be a repeat of previous week. Until yesterday, my boss turned to me and said, "Oh,Yvonne, you're not working tomorrow, are you?"

To which I replied, with faux-confidence, "Uh, yes. that is correct, I am not working on Friday."

While I was hoping that this week would be the week, I was kind of assuming that it would never happen. So when I found out that I actually had the day off, it was the greatest feeling ever. Especially since it was supposed to be like 80 degrees and sunny. Whoo-hoo!

I came home, practically skipping, wanting to celebrate with ice cream (my treat of the week). But Dan didn't want ice cream because he ate badly all week. And suddenly it felt like any other week night (because for Dan, it was) and sitting there doing the usual (making dinner, clean up, reading, watching baseball) kind of brought my spirits down. I was expecting a parade or something. Or maybe I just really wanted ice cream. I dunno. Maybe the whole world is not excited as I am that I am only working four days a week.

No bother. The happiness came back on Friday--my actual day off. I am planning to devote my Fridays off to being creative, but I actually had some errands to run this morning that badly needed to get done and were hanging over my head. And so I went to the gym and the bank and the bridal shoe store and in the midst of all that, had my lunch sitting in the sunny Madison Square Park brimming with Spring flowers. It was fabulous.

Now I am back home, ready to grab my computer and run to a cafe and maybe write for a little while.
Ah, this is the life I always imagined I would come back to when I was in Europe--and I did it!

Red flowers.

Pink flowers.

Yellow flowers. All at Madison Square Park.


Annette said...

Great flower shots! Enjoy your Fridays and eat more ice cream!

Brash Lion said...

Sooo... not free enough for Rock Band that night? ;) Sorry I missed you, Evey - see you next time.

Yvonne said...

i'm sorry i missed you!

Squeen said...

Love that red flower picture.