Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mom's Birthday.

On Groundhog Day, it was Mom's 61st birthday. To celebrate, her kids decided to cook her homemade dinner.

The problem is: Mom's not used to sitting around and not making dinner. We would find her setting the table and washing dishes when she wasn't supposed to.

My sister Annette made roasted potatoes and chicken franchase. I was impressed by her culinary skills (she's a professional, you know). The chicken was so good...

Okay, so the sauce wasn't exactly healthy.

Pete and Jen brought wine, salad, fresh bread and tapenade.

I made stuffed mushrooms and--what else--dessert. Angel food cake, brownies, fresh strawberries and whipped cream topped the meal off.

The Winterburn family came. My niece Tiffany and her husband Greg are expecting a baby girl in 47 days! Mom was born in the year '47. It was all CRAZY.

A caveman disguised as my brother came to dinner as well.

Jen and Annette talk books. Jen has gotten into amazing shape this past year. She credits a "striptease" workout DVD as part of her success. Go Jen! Bring it on! I am so proud of her.

Dillon helps open the presents. Mom got a beautiful candle set from Pete and Jen.

This candle smells pretty good.

Want to smell it?

The whole table played the candle smelling game for a good 15 minutes.

Great way to end the fun evening.