Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The day the music came back.

Somebody got a package!

Dan says that no one reads my blog anymore because I don't post pictures. I think that is just his excuse on why he's not keeping up.

I took some pictures today of Dan getting his new record player in the mail. If you haven't heard it from him already, his old player broke and it has been very quiet in the apartment in the last month besides Dan giving me very detailed daily analysis of every single record player available on eBay. I am very thankful that he finally picked one--not that I missed hearing records terribly--but to stop the analysis. He ended up buying a refurbished model from this record-player-making fanatic in Iowa, and the two of them sat on the phone for a while a few weeks ago discussing all the details and I was glad that it was the guy and not me having that conversation with Dan. But then Dan told me what they talked about, and then I heard Dan tell everyone else about it.

Well, I am happy when Dan is happy. And today it came, and finally, after weeks of silence, the music will come back again.

Let's see if anyone will read this post.

Dan with his new pleasure, still in bubble wrap.

Me, trying to get some copywriting work done in the midst of this chaos.


Jacey said...

I'm still reading, Squeen, you a-hole. And Dan just looked over my shoulder and said, "Oh dude...Squeen got his new record player." So, if nothing else, your CA friends are informed and as long as I am trying to get my Google Reader #s under 100, I will read Everyday Ham, pictures or not.

Christopher said...

Well, pictures or no pictures, I'm still reading this blog. But since it's title 'Everyday Ham', it would be nice to get an update, at the very least, close to every day. However, I would be very glad to never read another post if it meant you were busy writing something. So please, for the the talentless little people of the world, write something!

Anonymous said...

Europe is addicted so don't you dare stop writing on your blog - pictures or not!

Brash Lion said...

Squeens just likes the fame. I'm totally still reading pictures or not. btw - I keep hearing your friend say from your entry the other day, "If you want something badly enough, you just go for it," or something like that. I just keep running it over and over in my head. It's working.

Yvonne said...

Thanks everyone for all your posts. When I told Dan about your support, he replied, "See, they're all reading because of the pictures."

Dan's mom said...

Love to read what you're up to, but keep the pictures coming! That Dan is still a cutie.

Annette said...

I'm still reading! Better late than never!