Monday, February 18, 2008

So about that whole writing thing...

So I have to come to realize that having a blog means suffering the consequences.

Like when you are at a family gathering (as I was this President's Day weekend), and your 15-year-old half-nephew who you speak to maybe once a year turns to you and says, "So what's your book about?"

You've never once uttered such words as "writing" or "my book" to this person in your life. And you never say those words to anyone in the present tense.

So I cleared my throat, and told my apparent Everyday Ham reader, "I am not writing a book--yet. But when I do, it will be about traveling and being Polish or something like that." As if I really know what I am talking about.

That's the problem with this blog thing. People hold you accountable for the stuff that you write. I have been saying I wanted to write a book for years but now that it's posted out there in cyberspace where everyone can see it, suddenly people are asking about it, expecting that I am actually doing it.

I spoke about going to Poland and taking my Euro-vacation for years before I summoned the guts to do it but no one ever asked me the status because it was something that came and went in conversations that were few and far in between. Eventually, when I finally did it, I have to say I was proud of my decision to go to Poland, and in making that decision, I decided that I was never going to live my life saying that I was going to do stuff and then not do them--like 80% of the rest of the world.

So people, I promise you, I will get there. I've already made that decision. But like most things in life, it's something I will have to figure out myself and do on my own and it will take some time. I am an amateur right now. I hope the time will come soon that I will be more kick-ass.

Dan and I go for sushi and a movie (MIchael Clayton with George Clooney) for a late Valentine's Day date. We took the bus (shown here).

Then we went to a diner for dessert and Dan accidentally stole the pencil from the table (shown here). He bought me a bouquet of yellow flowers (my favorite).

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