Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Something happened at work today.

After days and days of sitting in my cubicle at work, glumly alternating between watching the clock, checking my email and doing actual work, today out of nowhere, I opened up a Microsoft Word document and on that blank page began to write.

It was chicken scratch more than anything else--I am not even sure what it said. But I was so bored and I had to be doing something that excited me. I had no choice but to write.

It lasted all about five minutes. And then I resumed watching the clock, checking email and doing actual work.

I also daydreamed about throwing all my clothes away and starting my wardrobe over from scratch.


kosmicgirl said...

Those 5 minutes of writing, producing what seems to be a bunch of worthless crap, were probably the most valuable and important moments of the day. Heck, perhaps even of the week.
And you know why; you put in some work. Not the mind-numbing, I-have-to-pay-the-rent-somehow kind of work but the good stuff. The kind of work that calls the muse, the kind of work which paves the way to becoming a pro. :o)

Love ya' babe.

Anonymous said...

hi yuv!