Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First day back.

So I have spent the last four weeks just dying, aching, waiting to work. Today I worked. And today I remembered. Work is not fun.

Aw, alright. It wasn't so bad.

Despite my horrible commute--which shouldn't be horrible because it is three stops on the 6 train--I had a good first day. (What is up with the 6 train? In both directions morning and evening, I had to wait for two packed trains to pass me by before I finally jostled my way into the third one).

I got this job through one of my former coworkers named Brooke, who I worked with back in the days when she and I were both assistants. She is also a freelancer, and so I had emailed her for advice and she told me that she was working at this magazine and they needed more people and that is how I came aboard. So it was nice that I knew someone there, but besides her, no one else spoke to me much.

I forgot: That is what happens on your first day. I haven't had a first day in years (I had been at my old job forever and knew everything and everyone). Now I am the new girl--and not just a new girl, but a new freelancer which means that people care less (I'll be gone before they realize someone new is in their midst)--so it was a fairly quiet day. Actually, the third freelancer who sits across from me talked to me because she probably knows the drill.

Typical first day, I have no idea what I am doing. They had me read a lot of stuff that mostly made sense to me (all marketing is the same, really) but after a while, also made my head spin. How was I going to remember all this? I worked on some projects that would have taken me two seconds at my old job that took me six years here because I don't know what I was talking about. Before, I was completely independent with my work and here I (understandably) have to cc everyone to make sure that everything I am doing is okay. Still, it makes me hyper aware of everything, which in itself, is tiring.

I really needed a mental break, but these people don't believe in taking a proper lunch, so there was none of that. Just a quick run to get a salad with Brooke and come back to my desk. Oh, work. Oh, work in New York. Oh, working in marketing in New York. How little you have changed.

I left the office building at 6ish, it was dark and I was exhausted. It's sad to see the entire day gone, but at this moment, I really can't complain. My bank account is dying, aching, waiting for money. I came home and plopped on my couch, feeling pooped but relieved the first day is over. First day is always the worst, and I am happy it is already hump day.

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