Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vegging Out

Man, the past few weeks have totally kicked me in the butt. My new magazine job is really crazy busy, plus I have been plugging away on my copywriting assignments on the weekends. Coming home from work each night to cook a meal using the CSA produce might sound stressful to some, but for me, it was such a great way to unwind and de-stress and feel like I was doing something cool. (FYI: Work is not cool).

Here are some snapshots of the first week:

Remember these scary guys?

They turned into this. Everyone on the internet told me that this garlic scape pesto is supposed to be amazingly good, yet everyone failed to mention how it would make you have stinky garlic breath for an entire 24-hour period after wards. It was worth it.

My first time cooking with radishes. Dan and I aren't big fans of the vegetable. I thought these fish tacos with salsa verde and radish salad were all right, but Dan said the radishes were a little hard to swallow.

One of my classic summertime salads: Lettuce, tomato, avocado, peaches, red onion and chicken. YUM!

Pan-fried gnocchi with kale. Probably our favorite meal of the week because I never cooked anything like it before. As Dan said, "I was surprised kale didn't taste so bad."

Sauteed fish with stir-fried bok choy. Better than it looks.

Roasted beets with feta, toasted walnuts, feta and chicken. (My least favorite of the bunch, through pretty).

You also might have noticed that yes, we have returned to meat. But I am still trying to make the meals veg-heavy, meat-lite.

Oh! I ordered some AWESOME ice pop molds from Amazon, so I have been making icy treats for us every week. The flavor this week was vanilla pudding.

Here's me after a long day at the office looking a bit ragged. No vegetables were harmed in the making or eating of this ice pop.


David said...

Dig the pictures. Bright, cheery dinners on cheery plates. We have some of the latter at home. Still working on the former...

Dr. Emmie-poo said...

You can braise radishes. They taste completely different.

And I just ordered popsicle molds. I am thinking of making root beer float pops for Brett's birthday party.