Sunday, June 12, 2011


It was Jason's birthday again tonight. I mean, it's been a year since he treated a bunch of us to a fancy lunch for his 30th (it was the day of the USA-England World Cup match), but it's crazy how the time flies. Tonight, we all went out to Commerce. Yvonne and I had the fried chicken appetizer as a prelude to the porterhouse steak for two. (If there'd been a side of pulled pork, I probably would've said yes to that, too; make it a trifecta). The waiter kinda upsold us on the porterhouse. Said it was IN-SANE. It's like he knew exactly who he was talking to. For the record, it was pretty darn good, but I've had insaner.

Yvonne and I were totally full -- we didn't even finish our creamed spinach -- so when we saw that the "birthday cake" dessert (exactly what it sounds like) comes in truly ridiculous portions, our decision was easy. Yes, please!

Happy birthday, Jason!


Susan said...

No pictures of the birthday cake dessert??

Yvonne said...

Sorry, I have been a bit lazy with my picture taking lately!