Monday, June 27, 2011

Julie and Simon's BBQ

On the heels of their nuptials, Julie and Simon hosted a barbecue on their sweet rooftop patio in Brooklyn. The newlyweds outdid themselves with tons of delicious food, drinks, a rockin' sunset (how'd they do that?) and some fresh guitar-playing skills. Here are the highlights:

Meagan and Dan at the picnic table, where we parked ourselves for the majority of the evening.

A glimpse of the mighty fine eats on the grill.

Montana, a friend's dog, who became my friend.

Lots 'o beer drinking.

Baby Andrew, the youngest party-goer, entertained us in his pj's.

Dan and Julie, in a terrible shot of both of them, but this was the only picture I took of the hostess. At least Julie's arms look a-mazing as always. Unfortunately, Dan can't be redeemed here. Sorry!

Can you pick out the Statue of Liberty? Hint, on the left!

After feeding us all silly, Simon serenades us.

Waiting for the subway.

In case you are wondering what's going on here, when Dan gets tired -- or even when he's not -- he likes to lean all of his body weight against me or have me hold up his leg. I don't enjoy doing either, but this happens all the time.

Meagan tried to help me out. Dan complained she was not supportive enough.

The man's leg is so heavy, it really needs a two handed grip. I know. I have 8 years experience of leaning/leg holding.

Does anyone else out there have to do this for their significant others?


Jacey said...

Yvonne, you are a saint. Squeen, hold your own leg.

Meagan said...

I HATED every minute of it..
'Heavy' doesn't even come close to describing the uncomfortableness I experienced holding a 80 LB leg in the hot, NY subway. Ya, Squeen, hold your own leg!!

Meagan said...

BTW...I love the baby andrew picture. so cute. i should have taken him ;)

Peter said...

How did Sqeen enjoy the meat from the grill? Looks too good to pass up.

Peter said...

BTW, I love the sunset. Looks like you guys had a nice time.

Yvonne said...

Dan ate meat at the BBQ...but he has been cutting back a lot!